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house project updated 9/6/08

In the first photo you see the front view of our house. This actually has not changed very much. You can see the stack of lumber on the porch. If you look really closely, you can also see the tree in the back yard right through the front right window. Pretty cool huh? 🙂 Yes, how are you going to find our house? We’ll tell you that it’s right at the top of the hill at the blinking yellow light.

Here you see a rope and pulley. This was for letting down that branch that they cut piece by piece… I was not around to enjoy watching that part of this project.  Perhaps that was a good thing. Now with that branch gone, all is clear for building.

I really enjoyed being there last Saturday. I have confidence in the work that Dan and Jon are doing. It’s so exciting to see the progress and begin to see it looking more like a place where we can live. Dan Drost was there for a few hours helping carry debris out of the house and burning it. That’s one thing that amazes me, is the volume of material that is being discarded. There are piles everywhere.

Hey, I didn’t notice that rock on the ground to the right when I was taking the picture.

Why do I think this is such a cool picture?


Here is Dan’s Wallace and Gromit grin. 😀

I can’t wait to take down those icicle lights and clean that siding.

Our tree!     And… back entry way.

Dan, hard at work.

New / Old

Isn’t that awesome?

This is our mudroom and back door.

Kitchen and patio door. It’ll be a few more years down the road before we build the patio.

Here, you are standing in our kitchen, looking past our Laundry room and half bathroom into our front living room.

Our front door.


Our family room.

Hey, there’s my kitchen sink!! 🙂

Here we are upstairs in the master bedroom.

This is our library/office and bathroom upstairs.

This is our master bath and walk in closet. Oh, and the other bedroom beyond that. 😉

Another view of our library.

Dan is still at it.

The window on the right will be in our bathroom. The windows on the left are in the Library.

Thanks for all of your help Jon!!!

I decided that this was a  hint that I should cause myself to be somewhere else.

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Book Group

Frank & Cheryl, Dan & Liz

Frank, Cheryl, Dan, and Liz… Four singles on SGS started a book reading group of their own…

The Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment By: Jeremiah Burroughs.

The sweet Christian fellowship that we have found is almost indescribable. Using the live voice chat on Skype, we read together an entire chapter and then discuss what we’ve read. Most often we’ll share what has convicted our heart during the reading. I can tell you that this book is very convicting. Burroughs does not “beat around the bush” as he addresses heart issues of discontentment. He brings us to Christ’s School of contentment and teaches us how to be satisfied in God’s disposal of our every condition. What is so amazing is when we find ourselves taking joy in God’s disposal. Wow! His will becomes our will. His desires become our desires. His glory becomes our delight. His promises become our source of peace and comfort. What a blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ to walk this journey together.

The week of 4/12/08 – 4/19/08, We were blessed to meet face to face and fellowship together for a whole week.

Christian Contentment:

That sweet, inward, quiet, gracious frame of spirit, which freely submits to and delights in God’s wise and fatherly disposal in every condition.

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